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Why we started

Started in 2010 and incorporated in 2013, Qalam Project is a nonprofit intiative that was established in an effort to combat the spread of misinformation against Islam through education. By focusing on spreading authentic and verifiable Islamic knowledge, Qalam Project aims to erase prejudice, discrimination, fear, and ignorance from our communities and beyond.

Our mission

Qalam Project serves to inform people about the basic teachings of Islam according to the Quran and authentic Sunnah as taught by the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ and understood by the early generations of righteous Muslims. Our goal is to help non-Muslims create a well-informed opinion about the Islamic faith by providing authentic, reliable, and verifiable information.

Our mission also includes combatting extremism and misinformation within our own religious communities by calling Muslims to return back to the true and authentic teachings of Islam.

What we do

We volunteer at schools, cultural centers, masajid, and other venues to bring correct Islamic information to our communities while also distributing our materials online for easy access for all individuals.

We work with World History classes at local public schools in our community to supplement their classroom curriculums as they relate to World Religions (specifically Islam). Our materials and presentations cover: etymology of the word "Islam", who Muslims worship, how Islam is a monotheistic religion, the similarities and differences to other religions, the sources of Islamic theology and jurisprudence, and more. Our work with schools provides students the unique opportunity to learn about Islam in person and gives them the platform to ask any and all questions they may have.